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the wal-mart evil empire

September 20, 2007

wal-mart is not only the worst thing to happen to america, but it is the worst thing to happen to the world.  i used to think that wal-mart was alright, sure a lot of crap in one place, low prices.  at wal-mart low prices are a hoax.  they can sell shit (and by shit, i mean shit) cheaper because they have it all cheaply made just for them.  when i told my father this a few years ago he didn’t believe me, so he did a little experiment:

he purchased a brand-name package of 3 rolls of paper towels at wal-mart.  he purchased a seemingly identical package at a locally owned grocery store.  both packages contained the same number of towels.  the wal-mart paper towels cost approximately 50 cents less.  he told me that the wal-mart paper towels we not as thick and were almost half an inch shorter that the towels he got at the grocery store.  he was pissed.

wal-mart treats their employees like junk, most of wal-mart employees are receiving some type of state or town assistance (tax dollars), but it was the paper towels that caused my father to swear never to shop there again.

today i had to go to sam’s club, the bulk purchasing club of the wal-mart evil empire, to pick up things for the office.   just walking in that place makes me feel scuzzy.  it is not well lit, dirty, stinky, not to mention overpriced, and the employees need a good lesson in customer service (but i would be a bitch if i worked there, that’s for sure).

i have so many nasty things to say about wal-mart, i am sure i will write more about it later.  until then, have fun shopping at your ethical or locally-owned and operated businesses.

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