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for ladies only!

September 18, 2007

the following post is female oriented. that’s right, you’ve been warned (this means you, tim).

i was talking to someone at work today about the diva cup. this product has changed my life, i am serious about this. i used to feel like a slave to my period, carrying tampons, pads and pantie liners everywhere i went for 5 days a month. now i insert the cup in the morning, empty before bed, reinsert, and empty in the morning. no more deciding what purse to carry or pants to wear based on how heavy my flow is. no more getting out of bed in the middle of the night feeling “leaky.” if my flow is very heavy i might have to empty and reinsert at lunch time, but no big deal, quick and easy.

this small cup is inserted in the vagina, forms a seal to stop leaks altogether. great product . . . such a bad name, although it must be hard to find a decent name for a feminine hygiene product. other similar products are “the keeper” and the “mooncup.”

“yucko” you say. no. this cup is made of medical grade silicone, it can be washed with soap and water or boiled to be sanitized. the cup has not caused any known case of tss, (the absorbent fabric texture of tampons allows bacteria to grow, causing tss). the diva cup makers tout the cup can be worn for 12 hours without emptying, i often wear for 18 hours or more because i can forget i’m wearing it at all.

still squeamish? thinking “that would mean i have to touch . . . ‘down there’!” well, get over it. all those disposable pads and tampons are hurting you and the environment, not to mention costing you a crap-load of money.

i used to buy a pack of pads every other month, and a box of tampons almost every month spending around $14 a month. if you are so inclined to use organic disposable products because they are healthier, they cost even more. the diva cup was $32 and i have had it for over three years, so even if i was to stop using it now it has only cost about $1 a month. that’s saving me tons of cash i can use to buy ben & jerry’s when i p.m.s.

there is a learning curve to changing over to this type of product, but the initial time spent practicing is well worth it. it is advisable to give it a couple test runs before your period so that you can learn to insert it comfortable without any mess. i would not go back to tampons any sooner than i would stop using my computer at work. tampons and disposable pads are a waste of resources, time, money and energy.

if i feel like i want to wear a pad i use cloth. they are softer and much more comfortable, they don’t have that sticky strip and they don’t get itchy. i like “homemade momma” pads, they are literally homemade by a stay at home mom. i would much rather support a home based small business that kotex, stayfree, tampax, or any of those other big corporation a-holes who make money every time someone chucks their product in the trash.

see the diva cup website here.

tell me what you think.

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  1. autumn permalink
    June 12, 2009 4:42 pm

    I love your review on the divacup, it helped a lot. I do really want to try it. I hate using pads, they leave me sore and uncomfortable. I really don’t want to try using tampons because i just don’t think that is unhealthy.
    Thank you.

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