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more on my father’s dieting habits:

September 17, 2007

my father started using slim-fast as soon as he saw it on the store shelf, i am not sure exactly what year but it was sometime around 1986-1988.  he was a very large man and within 2 years he had lost his excess weight.  not just because of the slim-fast, he also exercised, stopped drinking beer and quit eating almost all together.  his mother died of heart disease, as a matter of fact she was one of the earliest cases of open heart surgery performed on a woman in the usa (she lived into her early 70’s), this may have been a motivating factor for him.  all he would consume was slim-fast, all-bran, apples and oranges and nonfat low-sodium chicken broth with a package of frozen veggies in it (usually broccoli), almost every night he would eat exactly 10 m&m’s.

my mother gave me an update last week, my father is now only using the slim-fast for “emergencies”  he now has special-k for breakfast, fruit and chocolate special-k for lunch and a large salad for dinner.  he visits the gym almost every day for two hours.  his current edible vice is wine (my parents recently moved and go to wine tasting to meet people).  my mother said he still eats more on the weekends, but then he frets about the weight gain all week.

for as long as i can remember my father has kept a small notepad near his scale, he writes only the date and his weight that day.  he uses this not only to track his weight, but also to average weight gain tendencies at certain times of the year (like thanksgiving or vacations).  he is not autistic, he doesn’t even like math, he is just afraid of being overweight.

on top of this obsession, more likely because of this obsession, he has really screwed up his metabolism.  his body tries to hold on to every drop of fat because his body has been tricked into thinking every meal might be the last.  if he licks a stamp he gains an ounce.

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