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sticking to it.

September 13, 2007

this is week two. my lasagna recipe is keeping me on track today. i used tons of crimino mushrooms and spinach, topped it with some leftover tomato sauce i made yesterday. thank god for crispy cheese, thinking about the cheese on top kept me from ordering a large pepperoni pizza with black olives. i also found these chocolate muffins at the store, it is no brownie, but definitely is enough to keep me from eating a brownie.

i used the treadmill for a half-hour, according to the display on the treadmill i burned 150 calories. i really wonder how accurate that thing can be. i haven’t stepped on a scale since monday, i lost 3 pounds last week, my goal is 2 pounds a week until christmas.

my mother is a type 2 diabetic, as was her mother. my brother-in-law is a diabetic, he is now blind and has a sore on his leg that will not heal. my father is practically anorexic, he was very, very heavy in his thirties and forties (thanks to my mother’s cooking with heavy cream and his inability to resist junk food). when i was in high school he starting drinking slim fast, this was when it first came on the market. he would have a high fiber cereal for breakfast, a slim fast with an apple for lunch, a can of fat-free sodium-free chicken broth with a block of frozen broccoli defrosted in the broth for dinner and 10 (exactly ten and we were not aloud to have one) after dinner. he has kept his weight off for years now, he goes to the gym daily and hardly eats during the week, still drinking slim fast (as soon as you stop and start eating solid food all the fat comes back) but come friday night . . . look out . . .

since my mother was diagnosed she stopped drinking adult beverages as much and seriously revamped her eating style.  although she still will not exercise.  my mother has gone from sickly-looking and very overweight to slim and healthy.  if only she would stop smoking.  anyway, my current goal for weight loss stops at christmas because this is when my parents will come out for a visit, and i am tired of my mother nagging me about my looks.  i know, this is the wrong type of motivation . . . but she sure does piss me off.

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  1. liz permalink
    September 14, 2007 8:18 am

    I’m supposed to comment & say that her dad would have exactly 10 M&M’s after dinner.
    Personally, I think the general blog reader is missing out on the fact that your dad had/has a weight loss journal, but that’s definitely a story for another time.

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