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weird people who have too much money

September 11, 2007

a woman i know, a friend really, is an esthetician. she works in the same building as i do, i have seen her a few times and she has worked very well with my skin. she uses all natural products, organic whenever possible. she puts tons of energy into what she does and i can tell that she is happy with her career.

well, i saw her in the building today and she told me about a client she saw for the first time. this client fits the bill, a middle-aged woman with concerns about her complexion. the odd thing was that this woman has 3 teenage sons, and she wanted this esthetician to treat her sons with facials (they have “bad” skin). i ran into her as she was preparing for this 16 year-old boy to arrive. she and i spoke for a few moments and she joked about this situation . . . “what if he gets a boner!?”

she does not just slap some crap on a face, she applies products and while waiting for the products to do what they do she massages the scalp, neck, shoulders, hands and feet. she asked the boy’s mother if she wanted him to have a full hour session with massage and she said “yes,” she said that “even if he did not want the massage i will tell him he has to have it.” from one woman to another in a professional environment this is nothing more than tender and relaxing, but from one woman to a teenage boy?? that’s just a hard-on waiting to happen.

does this client really think that her son is so innocent that he can control this function? does this client have nothing else to do for her son with $65?? i can’t wait to talk to this friend again and find out if this was the best hour of this boys life thus far, or if he wishes his mother bought him a new playstation3 game instead.


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