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fun times at home.

September 9, 2007

it is so nasty and hot outside that after 3:00 we turned turned the fans on and sat on couch watching a movie and then “felicity” on dvd until midnight ( and i wonder why i feel tired all the time).

we do not have cable so we amuse ourselves by watching television shows on dvd. we have the full series of “alias,” “sex in the city,” “wonderfalls” and “felicity.” we have season 1 of “huff,” “once & again” and “arrested development.” we have most of “six feet under.” we rent all sorts of stuff from the public library and they have “lost.”

i never watched “felicity” while it was running, i figured it was just junk because i used to be very pretentious about television. liz forced me to watch it. i liked it, so, shoot me (please). last year we watched the whole series in a few weekends, followed by “alias.” liz has broken me, i even enjoy the crap.

on labor day we went to liz’s father’s house for a chicken on the grill. after dinner liz was talking with her father and i was watching cable. there was a reality show on tlc-“little people big world.”  for the first time in a long time i felt like i wanted cable.  but they don;t need our money, and we would just watch too much tv.

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