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September 4, 2007

today i lost my mind. have i mentioned that dr. is a lunatic???

we have a new intern in the office, a medical assistant. when i interviewed the intern i knew that she was something special; very intelligent, very motivated and positive. this woman is going to be a great employee. i would like to do my best to see if i can get this intern to stay on with us after she is finished with her education. but dr. does not seem to give a fuck. dr. had a little fit today in an exam room in front of a patient our medical assistant and the new intern, accused the medical assistant (i will call her “r”) of not doing something right.

“r” has only worked in our office for 8 weeks now, how can she be expected to do everything the way dr. wants it done. no can do. dr. insisted on training “r” herself, but has put little effort into doing so.

why can’t dr. behave? i have spoken to her about this issue on a few occasions. i’ve been as blunt as i can with dr., my boss, without getting myself into trouble. i know that if i tell dr. she might lose me because of her bad attitude i know she will shape up for a little while at least . . . but i am very hesitant to threaten resignation without a “fall-back” job. my feet are bleeding from walking on glass, guess i will get some good calluses at this j-o-b.

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