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the worst week ever.

September 1, 2007

dr. has multiple personalities, not in the “soap-trying-to-block-out-the-past” way, but in the “so-socially-inept-trying-to-function” way.  dr. is so unable to relate to most people that she has to put effort into analyzing every thing she says and does.   when dr. is under stress this process of analyzing stops dead, and she turns into a non-functioning lunatic.

this makes me confused.  one moment dr. can be quite pleasant, and minutes later be pissed because someone left a phone message on the left of her desk and not the right, but she never told anyone to leave these correspondences in any specific place (this is hardly an exaggeration, it actually happened once).

one of the employees had lunch with her on friday, when i asked how it went she responded “dr. is very awkward.”  i explained that dr. seems like the type to that had no friends as a child and was alway picked on, but while i was this type, dr. is this type, even well into adulthood.  i know that dr. must feel isolated in her life because she talks to me like a friend, like she thinks we have more than a professional relationship.  dr. has told me things about her personal life and relationships, but knows little about me, which goes to show that she has few people in her life to talk about these things with.

the only reason why i think this is strange is because dr. has no interest in most other people or how other people live.  dr. likes to talk but hardly listens.  this is no way to recover from social ineptitude, because it does not make people want to care.  i feel that i am constantly being the office peace-keeper, and counseling other employees in their relationships with dr.

so, this is why the past week was so junky.  i will not bore anyone with the details.

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