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hi-ho, hi-ho.

August 28, 2007

monday. back to work. as promised here is “what’s in my work bag?”

the bag: a large black timbuk2.


the contents: keys to the office, a rather large handful of change i didn’t even know i had, 3 pens and 3 usb flash drives . . .


a coffee cup and a nalgene bottle in an insulated sleeve. . .


a pile of very confidential papers (just kidding, otherwise i wouldn’t bring them home) and my mp3 player with accessories . . .


a bag within a bag that contains: deodorant, eye-drops, toothpaste, floss and toothbrush, lip balm, hand cream and make-up.


today as i carried this bag into my office i was inundated with the usual after vacation harassment. tons of telephone messages, tons of mail, and tons and tons of email. i was clearly promised a free lunch by the dr., over an interview for an intern, but alas, i had to remind the dr. and nurse about the interview, and i did not get my lunch. i didn’t bring anything on purpose. what a crappy “welcome back.” i did not have time to go get lunch, so i ate a granola bar at my desk.

i found out that what little joy was afforded to us as employees has been stomped out because the dr. decided that there should not be “sweets” in the office and while i was gone, told everyone not to bring anymore doughnuts, muffins or cake. all i have to say about this is “not on my watch.”

like i don’t have enough to worry about the dr. criticized a letter i wrote so that a patient could get her foreign mother through immigration to come help her in the states. i began a sentence with the phrase: “due to . . .” the dr. said that it should start with “because of . . .” i disagree, a sentence should never start with the word “because.” maybe “due” is not the best choice, but joe-shmoe-who-ever-at-immigration is not likely to notice my grammatical error. dr. said that “it should at least seem like we have been to school.” i was too slow to think of a good come back that would not get me into trouble.

p.s. the other employees actually call dr. “dr.” like it is a fist name, here i use it for anonymity purposes.

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  1. Led permalink
    August 31, 2007 2:12 am

    I like “due to” better.

    Also, I enjoy seeing what’s in your purses.

  2. jvalways permalink*
    August 31, 2007 2:17 am

    sweet, thanks. i was afraid that no one was interested in contents of my bags.

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