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the last day

August 26, 2007

today is the last day of my vacation, i go back to work tomorrow. i stayed in bed past noon, the cats kept us us late last night.

bentley learned how to open the upper kitchen cabinets and crawl around inside. liz was out of bed after 1am taping them together with packing tape to hold them closed. today we will go to the hardware store to purchase those little magnets that are screwed into cabinets so that they stay shut. so there mr. kitty, that’ll show you!

my back is still very sore, and i am not looking forward to sitting on the counter top, twisting around trying to get tiny screws to fasten little pieces into the cabinets. not fun.

the house is a mess, i have been trying to take it easy the last few days, and now i feel like my feng shui is all off. this vacation has been completely unproductive, not that that’s a bad thing, but now that this is the last day i am thinking of all the things we didn’t do and how nice it would be to have more time.

liz was entertaining the idea of painting,or at least deciding on colors. we have almost lived here a year and all of the walls are stark white. i don’t want to paint, i hate painting, and i know it will make me bitchy and we will fight. what i really would like to do is pick out the colors and go stay at a hotel for a few days while other people paint for us . . . that is out of the budget. i was even trying to rationalize that if we leave the walls white it would make the place sell easier, so we should just leave it. i know that is really not true.

my parents moved out to arizona last year. my mother told me about a new shed they put out in the yard, they fought so much because it was hot as hell inside of that little shed that my mother started calling the shed a “down-payment on a divorce.” this is exactly how i feel about home improvement. i do not want to do it myself . . . it makes me nuts.

and i really hate to have to put all these little magnets on our kitchen cabinets to keep the cat out of them because we really need new cabinets, the ones we have are literally 35 years old, and they stink like cigarettes. whenever we run the dishwasher our kitchen smells like i remember my great-grandparents’ co-op apartment in new york city did when i was a child. they both chain smoked, my great-grandfather smoked unfiltered paul mall’s. so, i feel like fixing these doors so that bentley woun’t go up there and break all our shit is almost a waist of time when we need to just replace them anyway. but this is also out of the budget for now.

while i am at it-we need a new couch. the one we have is a hand me down from my younger sister. she bought it at goodwill about 8 years ago. only two people can sit on it, one at each end because if we sit in the center it turns into a pit that sucks us in. we have had the couch for a little over 3 years and if i lift the cushions to vacuum it still smells like my sister’s dog. again, not in the budget. we need a new bed first, then couch and a loveseat or a couple chairs, then the kitchen and the bathroom are tied we will have to decide what we want done most.

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