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obsessive maybe??

August 22, 2007

so, i have two cats, mia and bentley. mia is a tiny little girl tabby, and bentley is an all black cuddly boy. they are year old litter-mates, we adopted them last december.

scan0006.jpg scan0005.jpg

they love each other to death. mia is very independent and loves to play and be pet, but hates to be picked up. until recently she would not let us pick her up at all, but now she will let us hold her so long as we are standing up, she purrs like crazy. bentley loves to follow us around, he loves to be held and picked up, the more we squeeze him and say emasculating things to him the happier he is.

bentley started scratching his eye and rubbing at it, there is a tiny bit of swelling but it is not red at all. we have a collar/cone left over from when he decided to jump on the kitchen counter and walk across the stove . . . he burned his little paw, it was very upsetting but he still walks on the stove. anyway, he is wearing the collar now and it is very pathetic looking. the vet cannot get him in until tuesday next week. at least pathetic is a cute look for him.

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