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mmmmmmmmm . . . vacation . . .

August 21, 2007

i love not going to work. i love sleeping late, dawdling around and just doing what i will. today we went shopping at bj’s club on a weekday, which i love because everything is less crowded and faster.

we seem to always have a food shortage in the house despite our dual bulk shopping club memberships. yes, that’s right, we have memberships to both costco and bj’s club. we do not have a membership to sam’s club because they are part of the spralmart evil empire. we think costco is the best because they carry a ton of organic and natural products, bj’s club is catching on. costco is also a great business to support, read why here.

today we purchased cold-cuts, bananas, organic salad mix, green mountain coffee and some double-walled insulated glassware (a bodum knock-off).

for the rest of the day liz will sit and knit while watching all of her favorite stories on tv. i will read my book fun home. who knows what tomorrow will bring.

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