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at least she reads . . .

August 21, 2007

hmmm, monday. doesn’t sound exciting does it??? well, it’s not. today i went to work.

i have the rest of the week off so it was very busy getting all of my crap done and dealing with the people who think i do more for them than i really do, they are anxious that the practice will fold while i am gone for four days.

see, the thing is that i don’t do much at all at work. i answer everybody’s questions and do my best to keep everyone happy, but so far as my day-to-day responsibilities, well, that is a rather short list. my biggest project has been keeping the very paranoid and demanding dr. off of the backs of the other employees. now that i am off for the rest of the week the people in the office are very nervous that they will incur the dr.’s wrath, and i will not be there to hold the dr. back.

today i realized that somehow the dr.’s vacation time was wrong in the computer (the dr. gave me the wrong dates). this means that i blocked the wrong week and we were booked up on days we needed to be blocked, and blocked when we needed to see patients. oopsies. now those people who were already upset that i would be gone the entire week have to spend a few hours calling patients to reschedule instead of doing something that could be more productive.

i would feel a little more guilty about this if i did not have to spend five minutes explaining to a clinical assistant why it is not okay to be text messaging while the rest of us are working. i had to end this conversation with “you don’t see my cell phone and i don’t want to see yours.” this was the same person i had caught earlier last week reading a book at the front desk . . . “so,” i said “don’t you have work to do?” to which she responded (to her direct supervisor, mind you) “no” and then looked back down at her book. all i can say is at least she reads.

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