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sunday times

August 19, 2007

i think i have given up on church. i used to go every week, at some points in my life more than once every week.

my parents are atheist, they used an episcopal church membership to send me to a summer camp at a discounted rate. that just blew up at them because i was an easy convert at a young age and with a full 8-week-a-year immersion program i was had real quick. by the time i was in high school i was a full time holy roller.

i went to a great church for years . . . met tons of really great people, along with a load of not so great people and a handful of all out nut cases. i spent a long time looking for a new church after i moved almost halfway across the state to live with my boss and his wife, but i never found a good one. so, now my sundays consist of sitting around the house, drinking too much coffee and watching movies or reading. sometimes we might go out, when we do we see people all over the place dressed in their sunday best-shopping, having lunch out. now i think of how nice it might be to have a place to go and people to see, but the people that go where they have spent their sunday mornings usually don’t care to share the pew with gays.

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